Benefits of Membership

  • Eligible to coach within TTCF schools, teams, clubs, community cheer programs

  • Access to all TTCF training and development seminars/workshops for coaches provided locally and internationally through the International Cheer Union (governing body) and other affiliated cheer associations.

  • Eligible to participate in TTCF-sanctioned events
    (Participation in, but not limited to competitions, activities, programs (locally & Internationally) under affiliated world governing bodies for the sport)

  • Access to members-only resources: training material, update to date skills and technique information, rules and technical skills seminars/ workshops, Quality Assurance Officers support and guidance, leadership training and development opportunities.

  • Eligible to participate in local & international skills, building and tumbling certification processes (industry standard requirements per each level of coaching).

  • TTCF ID card with recognition & endorsement of certification & training status

  • Registered and listed in TTCF’s directory of professionals with details/records for experience, skills, building and tumbling certification, credentialing level, background check verification and SECURE CHEER SPORT training.

  • Eligible to participate in TTCF Advancement & Development opportunities:
    1. professional development and leadership courses offered through the TTCF COACHESU.
    2. Administration and Operation committees that shape the future of the sport & athletes’ growth.
    3. Sports education and specialized training.