Fees, Membership Term & Activation of Benefits

  • Membership fee is $350 per membership year.

  • Membership term begins September 1 and ends on July 30 the following year

  • Membership is activated once the membership fee has been paid and all registration requirements are met and completed.

  • Membership renewals are due on or before August 30th. If membership is paid during the membership year; membership fees will not be prorated for delayed or late-season registration.

  • Eligibility and the associated membership benefits begin once the membership is activated and the coach is eligible.

  • Access to benefits are not retroactive.

  • Membership fees, once paid to the TTCF, are non-refundable and non-transferable. This means the funds may not be applied to a different coach. Once the membership has been paid for a specific coach, the membership belongs to that coach only and may not be transferred to anyone else.

  • Membership belongs to the coach regardless of program affiliation.

  • Allows participation in TTCF sanctioned events as long as the coach meets all eligibility requirements.